When does my race start?

9:30 Fun Run

10:20 5K / 10K

Where is the starting line?

In front of the main entrance to Groton Hill Music Center.

Where are the bathrooms?

Bathroom entrance is on the right side of the Groton Hill Music Center as you are facing it.

Can I still register?

Yes! https://runsignup.com/Race/MA/Groton/GrotonRoadRace

Can I still get a race t-shirt?

If we didn’t give you a shirt when you checked in, it means you missed the t-shirt deadline. Come back to the registration tables after the race and we will give out any extra shirts.

Can I switch races?

Yes, just let the registration staff know so your results show up in the correct race.

Do you have a map of the course?

Where will results be posted?

Results will be posted on grotonroadrace.com after the race.

Is there an awards ceremony?

No. The posted results will include the top finishers in each age group.

Can I run with my dog? Can I run with a stroller?

No, dogs and strollers are not allowed in the race.

What is the plan in case of severe weather?

The Groton Road Race will occur, rain or shine. It is only on rare occasions that
weather conditions force a cancellation of our race. However, when severe weather
conditions threaten public safety, we reserve the right to cancel the event, shorten
the event, and/or hold runners until the weather improves.
Conditions that may result in an event being canceled or delayed include but are not
limited to the following: severe heat, electrical storm, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding,
and fog.
In the event of severe weather while waiting for the races to start, The Groton
Road Race will direct runners to their vehicles and buses will staged onsite to
also provide shelter.
Any decision to either delay or cancel the race will be made in conjunction with
public safety officials along with the Groton Road Race committee and Groton Hill
Music Center.
In the event of anticipated adverse weather conditions, runners will be notified by
email in advance of any decisions.